Quote of the Day: “Nothing says Thanksgiving like a Jello-O shot”


I am not sure how Jell-O shots became a family tradition for our Thanksgiving holiday but it is a festive addition and I don’t even like Jell-O!

Now that my daughters are all adults the holiday has changed.  In my opinion for the better.  I had a family member complain that with my family around the holiday “is more like a party and less like Thanksgiving.”  For a holiday that used to be very stressful for me I think this is a positive shift.

Thanksgivings past were all about the crazed grocery shopping and pressure to create all the perfect traditional dishes.  I have now accepted that I don’t even like turkey!

The menu has evolved into things we actually like and want to create. (my oldest is a vegetarian) The holiday also used to include juggling in-laws and multiple family gatherings.  One year we had three dinners.


The stress of the matching outfits, tights without holes and the perfect holiday smile! This is 1998 and I was pregnant and had a rash all over my body. SMILE!

Now it is a challenge to get us all in the same town but this year cooking, cocktails (Fireball and hot cider was a hit) and games (beer pong, charades and flip cup) made the “Thanksgiving Party” fun!

Thanksgiving is a time of travel.  51 million people traveled this holiday weekend. Eighty nine percent of travelers journeyed by car.  They  say the worst time to travel is Tuesday at 5 PM. This year I started my trip from Saint Louis to NYC at rush hour and drove 1,924 miles (round trip) to be with my girls.  I drove 13 out of the 15 hours through the night.  It was worth it!


My artsy shot of the Empire State Building from the lower east side.

Our time together was brief.  I made an effort to put down my phone and really experience our moments together (thus the reason my Thanksgiving blog is posting now…after the fact). IMG_2379




Happy Thanksgiving 2017                                     Brooklyn, NY

I am truly grateful for change, Jell-O shots and the new Thanksgiving Party with the women I love!







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